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Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
3:48 pm
I jus' had a grate idea!
'cos im wantin' to be helpful an' stuff, i was thinkin' we could all go round to azzyfails shop an' help him an' crowley with there paintin'!
anyone else want to come?
Monday, March 17th, 2003
3:02 pm
A party
An’ so we got to go to a party roun’ at deffs house ‘cos he upset Pepper an’ wanted to make up for it. It seems to me that if jus’ getting’ peoples names wrong is a reason to have to have a party I mite start tellin’ people they’ve got my name wrong ‘cos then id never eat anythin’ but jelly an’ ice-cream agane (even though deffs ice-cream an’ jelly was black but it tastid jolly super all the same).
It was a pretty good party I think. We saw round the indide of the house and got to sit on the motorbike an’ then we went to look at all these eggtimers that deff sed was for ev’ryone alive an’ he showed us pepper an’ wensleys an’ brians. Then they all went an’ did somethin’ else but I stayed in the eggtimer room an’ tried to find mine but it wasn’t there so I suppose that deff isnt all hes cracked up to be.
I fink someone did somethin’ they shoulnt have or somethin’ while I was looking, becos there was some noise an’ it sounded like someone bein’ upset or happy or somethin’ but I was too busy to look what was up.
There was a clown at the party as well but he wasn’t as good c’os he jus’ spent all his time lookin’ unhappy an’ afraid which isn’t muich good when youre clownin’ but at least he showed me a magic trick with a card and a coin that ev’ryone was dead impressed with.
Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
10:39 am
A ded rat!
Dog found me a ded rat, which more than makes up for my missin' frog. probelm is that mum will go spare if she finds a rat in my bedroom so i have hidden it.
i reckon ive been clever, c'os ive hidden it in Annie Theemers house. shes got a big book that tells her what is goin' to happen so she wont be surprised by a rat an' she will know its important an' so she wont throw it away.

i asked my mum about annies name, an' she sed it was spelled 'Annie Theemer deVice', an' it was italian an' it ment something not very nice but she wouldnt tell me what.
Tuesday, February 11th, 2003
11:29 am
I've been thinkin' agane
Somethin’ that seems odd to me is how few people noticed that the world was goin’ to end. It’s like if you show someone somethin’ reely bad then they jus’ pretend it isn’t there especially if theyre a grown-up but when youre doin’ the growin’up you spend all your time pretendin’ to see things that aren’t there.
So when do you stop pretendin’ to see stuff that isn’t there and start pretendin’ not to see stuff that is? why do grown-ups jus’ forget?
It seems to me that if people didn’t stop seein’ stuff that isn’t there then they’d be better at seein’ the stuff that is.
An’ that’s the way I see it.
Friday, February 7th, 2003
4:37 pm
more thorts
An’ then there’s God, who I was told was inaff…inex…iniff…always rite.

About a yeer ago, there was a boy called Anthony who wanted to join our gang. Now, I always thought that four way the rite number for a gang for some reason, but I thought that we ought to give him a chance, because nobody ever gives any of us a chance like the time with the budgie at number 37, no chance to egsplain at all…
But we gave him a chance anyway and asked him what he liked to do, and he didn’t say he liked getting muddy or building dams in the stream or chasin’ cats or nothin’ – he did this roleplayin’ thing called Dunjens and Dragons.
I thought this sounded interestin’, with dragons an’ everythin’, but it didn’t have any dressin’ up or fallin’ over in it – it was all about makin’ up worlds where everyone would do what you sed and you could be in charge and dead important and powerful.
It seems to me that this is jus’ what God does with his time – he’s made a world that he’s in charge of and everyone has to do what he says and has to be his frend or they’re in trouble sharpish and go to Hell where things happen to their bottoms for eternity.

We didn’t let Anthony in the gang because we thought he was a bit sad, and I wouldn’t have God in my gang either for just the same reason, whether he’s enu…inaf…always rite or not.
11:32 am
Thorts on stuff
‘cos of all this stuff that happened recently, with the end of the world an’ stuff, I’ve had a lot of time to do some thinkin’, an’ one of the fings I’ve been thinkin’ about is deep stuff, like good and evil and stuff.
You have this devil, who is evil, but lot’s an’ lot’s of people think that he’s interestin’ or cool or somethin’, an’ that jus’ strikes me as nonsense.
You see, this devil jus’ goes roun’ sayin’ “look at me, I’m evil an’ temptin’ an’ stuff”. Now the only other person I know who goes roun’ sayin’ that there evil and temptin’ an stuff is the fat goffick girl who lives on Sebastopol Drive, and my dad says she’s as evil as a pound of spuds and she’d tempt a lot more people if she lost four stone, an’ all this is just swank an’ tryin’ to be interestin’ ‘cos she’s got no frends.
So it seems to me that this devil is just another one who hasn’t got any frends and is acktin’ all swanky jus’ to seem interestin’, an’ if he was just to get himself some proper frends or a dog or somethin’, he’d be much happier an’ wouldn’t have to pretend no more or anythin’.
An’ that’s the way I see it.
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